About John's ESL Community:A Brief History

John's ESL Community began as John's ESL Resources in 1995 and served as a gateway page to other ESL resources on the Internet. At that time, the site was hosted on GeoCities. In early 2000, I bought the johnsesl.com domain name and moved the site to a domain hosting server. During the summer of 2002, the name changed to John's ESL Community and shortly there after over 85 new activities were added to the site.

The move to a domain hosting server opened up new opportunities for John's ESL Community to become a real community for ESL teachers and students. In June of 2002, the John's ESL Site Builder was launched. This service enables ESL/EFL teachers from around the globe to create a class web site complete with ready made activities, all without the need to know HTML or any other programming langauge.

John's ESL Community now has over 350 activities for students of English. There are games, puzzles, self-study quizzes and much more, all designed to help students improve their English skills. Besides John's ESL Community Site Builder, there are many resourses available for teachers including free downloadable class materials. Additional activiteies and materials are added almost daily.

I took the site down for about a year because of a divorce that left me not caring about anything. The site needed (still needs) a lot of attention and I didn't care. So I thought it best to let the hosting expire and wait until I did care before putting more time into it.

Fast forward to December 2011 and John's ESL Community is back on line. It needs a lot of work. But I am ready for the challenge. I have plans for this site and hope you will be part of my vision.

Who is John?

My name is John Erskin and I am the sole owner of John's ESL Community. I have lived in Korea since June 28,1998 and now have an F-5 permanent resident visa. I have an earned Master's degree from the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville Tennessee.

I am currently self-employed as a private tutor and take care of this site as well as a few others.

I have taught at several universities while in Korea, including Hannam University, Pai Jai University, SangJi University, and WooSung University. While at Hannam University,in addition to teaching English, I also taught a class in HTML web design. You can see the class website at http://www.johnsesl.com/hannam/multimedia/

I have been married to two (that's right 2) Korean women and am now divorced. At almost 60 years of age I don't see my marital status ever changing again. But, as the guy on Jurassic Park said, "I'm always on the look out for the next" ex Mrs. Erskin.

I hope you enjoy this site and welcome any feedback that you may be willing to share. You may contact me at aminkorea (at) gmail dot com.