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Capitalization Quiz

The following sentences have been written in all lowercase letters.
Rewrite each sentence using uppercase letters where necessary.

1. the singers with the greatest sales of records of any group have been the beatles.
2. the most commonly spoken language in the world is mandarin chinese.
3. one of the tallest office buildings in the world is the sears tower in chicago with 110 stories.
4. the largest amusement resort in the world is disney world in central florida.
5. the smallest independent country in the world is the state of the vatican city within the city of rome.
6. the richest cat in the world is charlie chan, an alley cat in missouri, whose owner left the cat her entire estate of $250,000 when she died.
7. the two longest rivers in the world are the amazon river, flowing into the atlantic ocean, and the nile river, flowing into the mediterranean sea.
8. the easiest test for a driver's license is in egypt. you just have to have the ability to drive 19.7 feet forward and in reverse.
9. the fastest barber on record is gerry harley, who shaved 987 men in 60 minutes with a safety razor in england.
10. the fastest growing religion in the world is muslim.

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