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The Little Fir Tree

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Noun #1:
Noun #2:
Verb #1:
Verb #2:
Verb #2 Past Tense:
Adjective #1:
Adjective #2:
A holiday:
An Animal:
Animal + s:
A type of domicile:
  • A noun is the name of a person, place or thing. Examples include umbrella, sidewalk, telephone and policeman.

  • An adjective describes someone or something. Examples include creative, red, ugly and short.

  • A verb is an action word. Examples include run, jump, swim and fly.

  • An adverb tells how something is done. It modifies a verb, and usually ends in "ly." Examples include greedily, rapidly, modestly and carefully.

  • A holiday is a special day like Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • A domicile is a place to live such as a house or apartment.

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