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An Interesting Day

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A Boy's Name:

A Girl's Name:
A Place:
A Toy:
A Pronoun:
An adverb:

A Past Tense Verb:
An Adjective:
An Insulting Noun:
A Transitive Verb #1:
A Transitive Verb #2:
  • Name--a person's name. Examples: John, Bob, Sue, Sally

  • A noun is generally a person, place, thing, or concept. ExampleS: book, library, tree, idea

  • A verb past tense--Hint: a verb shows action. Examples: jumped, ran, skipped

  • Past tense means the action happened sometime before now.

  • An adjective is a word that describes a noun. Examples: red, tall, pretty

  • Transitive verb--a verb that must have an object. Examples: like, feel, seem

  • Intransitive verb--a verb that does not need an object. Examples: arrive, go, lie

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