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Through the Roof

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An Animal:
A Room in a House:
Another Room in a House:
Past Tense Verb # 1:
Past Tense Verb # 2:
Past Tense Verb # 3:
A Piece of Furniture:
Another Piece of Furniture:
Another Piece of Furniture:
Noun # 1:
Noun # 2:
Noun # 3:
A Number:
A Liquid:
  • A noun is the name of a person, place or thing. Examples include umbrella, sidewalk, telephone and policeman.

  • An adjective describes someone or something. Examples include creative, red, ugly and short.

  • A verb is an action word. Examples include run, jump, swim and fly. Some verbs form their past tense by adding ~ed (jump-jumped), others are irregular (run-ran, fly-flew).

  • Furniture refers to things like a sofa, bed, chair ect.

  • Liquid refers to anything that is not solid like water and juice.

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