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Welcome to Woosong University's
MultiMedia English Course Web Site.

This course introduces in-service and pre-service teachers of English, ESL and foreign language(s) to the field of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) emerging in current language education methodology. Basic computer literacy and an understanding of the Internet is required.

In this course we will explore the uses of the Internet in language learning with specific focus on using the Internet in the English langauge classroom. We will begin by examining the history of the Internet and CALL. We will then move into areas of specific application and how these applications can be used to design an internet based course.

At the completion of this course, students will

    1. be able to locate materials on the Internet using search engines and directories.
    2. evaluate web resources for use in the ELT classroom.
    3. adapt web resources for use in the ELT classroom.
    4. create Internet activities using software downloaded from the Internet.

Final Project

As a final project, students will create a web site which will include web-based activities for reading, writing, listerning, conversation.

Participants of this course are expected to have an understanding of how the Internet works. This includes how to surf the web using a web browser like MSIE and how to send email.

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