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Evaluating Web Sites: Application

Designing Internet activities requires carefull planning. You must first be able to clearly state the objectives of the activity in clear, precise terms. What is it that you hope your students will get out of the activity? What language point does the activity reinforce? Can you do this just as well with traditional teaching methods? If so why use the Internet? These are just a few questions you must answer before designning an Internet activity. Your textbook suggests other questions you should also ask yourself?

Once you are satisfied that the Internet is to be used for a particular activity, the next step is to find web sites that can help you achive your activity's objectives. In the first part of this unit, we discussed various criteria that should be used to evaluate web sites before using them with your students. Now it is time to examine some web sites using those criteria.

Work with a partner to complete the following activities. Be prepared to give your opinion about the usefulness of each website for langauge learners using the criteria we discussed in the preceeding unit.

Topic: Shopping

This year your students are going to do their Christmas shopping on line. Evaluate the following web sites for suitability using the criteria learned in our previous lesson.


Topic: Invitations

Your students are going to select a movie that they would like to see and then invite one of their classmates to see the movie with them. The person who is invited needs encouragement, which is provided by giving a description of the movie. Evaluate the following web sites according to the above criteria.

Topic: Travel

Your students are planning a class trip to a foreign country. As a class they must first decide where to go. Then they have to use the Internet to find information about their chosen destination. You put them in groups of 4 and tell them to use the following web sites to obtain the desired information. Evaluate the web sites according to the above criteria.

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