Course Title: Multimedia English

Teacher: John Erskin


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This course introduces in-service and pre-service teachers of English, ESL and foreign language(s) to the field of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) emerging in current language education methodology.  Basic computer literacy and an understanding of the Internet is required. 



Topics include a variety of applications related to computer-assisted language learning, current issues in computer-assisted language learning, cross-disciplinary foundations of computer-assisted language learning, design and development of multimedia instructional materials, and some specifics of software use and evaluation. Particular attention will be paid to the use of the Internet and its application in language instruction.


Participants will acquire experience using the Internet to create multimedia applications that can be used to help English learners improve their English skills. This will involve

    • downloading software applications

    • designing Internet activities using downloaded software

    • creating activities using exsisting web sites on the Internet

    • creating Internet activities using HTML and Javascript


Course Objective

Participants are expected to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to make decisions about using  CALL and the Internet in the language classroom. Participants are expected to use skills aquired during the semester to develop their own multimedia web site which will be published on the Internet.   



Students are not required to by a textbook for this class.


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Student Evaluation

Mid-term 30%