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This lesson is designed for students who are of driving age. In this lesson, the student will become acquainted with some basic terms associated with driving in America. The student will also become familiar with color words as they apply to road signs in the USA. At the end of this lesson the student will be able to demonstrate the follow skills:

1. Recognize a select number of road signs by color and function

2. Be familiar with the colors red, yellow, orange, black, blue, green, white, and brown. Proficiency to be demonstrated both by visual recognition and orally.

3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of terms as they apply to this lesson.


Materials used will include overhead transparencies and hand held manipulatives and or computer with beam projector.


To begin class hand out a list of terms that the students will need to learn. I have included a vocabulary list below. You may use or modify the list to meet the needs of your students. While handing out the material explain the importance of driving in America. You should point out that public transportation in America is not as prevalent as in other countries. Consequently, Americans must own and be able to operate their own car. Once the explanation is finished and the students have the handouts, the teacher should briefly go over each new term. After reviewing the vocabulary, turn to the overhead projector and begin introducing the road signs for this lesson. I have provided pictures of some common road signs here. If you may copy these directly on to a transparency for use in your class. While going over the road signs you may want to ask the students to identify the signs by color. Once you have gone over the signs on the transparencies you may want to use flash cards made to look like road signs. Also, be sure to include time for students to practice the pronunciation of terms that apply to this lesson.


To end the lesson you may want to give a short quiz. I have provided a short quiz that is in graph format. Colors are located along the top row and types of signs are in the left column. The student has to match the color and the sign type by placing an X in the color box that corresponds to the sign type in the left column. If you are teaching in an EFL setting, you may also want to include a matching type quiz that requires the students to match the English color words with those of their L1.

There are two possible follow-up lessons that you may want to use. The first includes using the terms in this lesson in a brief writing assignment about driving in America. Ask the class to write a paragraph or two about their own experiences. The second requires that you generate your own example which will be used as a reading assignment followed by a short quiz.