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Adjectives are words that describe nouns. In the sentence,

Bob is reading a funny book;

the adjective funny tells us what kind of book Bob is reading.

Adjectives help us tell more about nouns.

We say that adjectives modify nouns. Modify means to change a little.

An adjective changes a noun by telling more about the noun.

Adjectives can come immediately before the noun they modify.

For example, in the following sentence,

John wore a red shirt.

The adjective red comes before the noun shirt.

Adjectives can also come after the ~to be~ verb as in the following sentence.

John is intelligent.

Adjectives do not have plural forms so they never end in an ~s.

Roses are beautiful flowers.

NOT Roses are beautifuls flowers. Using nouns as adjectives.

Sometimes nouns can be used as adjectives.

For example, flower is normally a noun, but in the sentence,

Mary has a flower garden.

flower is functioning as an adjective to describe Mary's garden.

What kind of garden does Mary have? Mary has a flower garden.

When a noun is used as an adjective, the noun is singular NOT plural.