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Adjectives are words that modify nouns and pronouns. To modify means to change a little. Adjectives change pronouns and nouns by telling more about them. Telling more about a pronoun or noun makes sentences more interesting to read.

Compare the following two sentences.

I have a car.

I have a shiny new car.

The first sentence is kind of boring. The writer has not told us anything about the car. The second sentence, however, is more interesting. We now know that the writer has a shiny new car. We can imagine that the writer is excited about his car.

When using more than one adjective in a sentence you should use the following word order.

Opinion Size Age Color Nationality Material
ugly short new red American wool
cheap small used yellow Korean wood
boring fat old brown Japanese plastic

Opinion adjectives are used to express your opinion. Keep in mind that your opinion may not be the same as someone else's opinion. For example, you and a friend see the same movie. You liked the movie and describe the movie as exciting, but your friend didn't like the movie and says that is was boring. You are both correct, you just have different opinions about the same movie.

Nationalities are always capitalized. Chinese, Mexican, Brazilian

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