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Adverbs of frequency are used to talk about how often something happens. The adverbs in the table below are the most frequently used. The percentage values below each adverb represents how often something happens according to the adverb being used. For example, I never watch TV, means that I watch TV 0% of the time.

never almost
rarely seldom
0% 1%-5% 6%-10% 11%-20% 21%-30%
sometimes often usually almost
31%-40% 41%-60% 61%-75% 76%-99% 100%

Adverbs of frequency are usually used with the simple present form of the verb; although, they can also be used with the progressive tense as well. When used with any form of the to be verb, adverbs of frequency should be placed after the verb.

For example:

Kim is always late for class.
They are never at the office on Saturdays.

When using adverbs of frequency in sentences that contain the have verb, the adverb comes after have.

For example:

I When using adverbs of frequency in sentences that contain a helping verb and a main verb, the adverb comes between the helping and main verb.

I have never liked fried chicken.
He has always walked to school.

When used with verbs other than the to be verb, and when there is no helping verb, adverbs of frequency come between the subject and main verb of the sentence or clause in which they are used.

For example:

I always get up at 7 o'clock.

When using adverbs such as once, twice, three times, ect, the adverb of frequency always comes at the end of the sentence.

I have been to Paris twice.
Bob has eaten snake meat once.

This rule also applies to definite adverbs of frequency. Definite adverbs of frequency are words like day, week, month and year. These adverbs are always placed at the end of a sentence.

For example:

I go hiking every day.
Sam went to London last week.

Some frequency adverbs such as sometimes and often can come at either the beginning or at the end of a sentence.

For example:

I sometimes get up at seven.

Sometimes I get up at seven.

I get up at seven, sometimes.

Here are some more sample sentences.

  • I hardly ever play sports.
  • I rarely watchTV.
  • Jim usually listens to music while taking a shower.
  • Mary sometimes goes shopping on Saturday.
  • I never go dancing anymore.
  • Yuko always studies English grammar after school.
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