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Nouns are words that name or designate a person, place, or thing.


Person - boy, girl, man, woman

Place - country, city, town, room

Thing - desk, chair, shirt, pencil

There are two types of nouns, count and noncount.

Count nouns are nouns that form their plural form by adding ~ s to the singular form.

Singular Plural
one pen two pens
one dog three dogs

Learn the spelling rules for making plural count nouns.

Some count nouns form their plural by becoming a different word.
These are known as irregular nouns.

Singular Plural
one child two children
one tooth three teeth
one man four men

Noncount nouns are nouns that do not have a plural form.

Some typical noncount nouns include money, milk, paper, cheese and fruit.

Some nouns can be used either as a count or noncount noun.

There were five chickens in the farmer's front yard. (count)

I'd like to have some chicken for dinner tonight. (noncount)