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Possessive adjectives are used when we want to say someone has or owns something.

The word possessive comes from the word possess. The word possess means to have or to own.

For example,
I have a computer = I possess a computer. In other words the computer I have is my computer. The word my is a possessive adjective.

I possess a computer. = I have a computer. = It is my computer.

In English there are 7 possessive adjectives.

my, your, her, his, our, their, its

Compare the subject pronoun forms and their possessive adjective forms below.

Subject Pronoun Form Possessive Form
I my
he his
we our

Compare the following sentences. The first sentence in each pair uses the subject pronoun form. The second uses the possessive adjective form.

a. I have a computer. My computer is new.

b. You have a computer. Your computer is fast.

c. She has a computer. Her computer is old.

d. He has a computer. His computer is slow.

e. We have many computers. Our computers are new.

f. They have computers. Their computers are slow.

g. The dog has a name. Its name is Spot.


Notice that in the example sentences above, the possessive adjectives come before the noun.

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