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The definite article the is used in the following situations.
1. The universe
2. The world
3. The sun, the moon, the stars, the sky
4. To generalize plants and animals (the + singular noun)
5. A calendar name modifying a noun
6. The plural form of lakes--but the Great Salt Lake, the Lake of Lucerne and the Lake of Constance
7. The Hague
8. Nouns known both to the speaker and to the listener
9. Countries that contain the words ''Union, United, Republic, Kingdom, and Commonwealth--but the Philippines, the Congo, the Sudan, the Netherlands and the Vatican
10. Mountain ranges
11. Groups of islands
12. Names of places and titles of people containing the word of
13. Gulfs, canals and capes
14 Rivers
15. Oceans, seas and bays
16. Peninsulas
17. Deserts and forests
18. Museums and galleries
19. Hotels
20. Historical documents
21. Ordinal numbers
22. The+adjective=adjective+people
23. Nationalities that end in -ese, -ish and - ch when used as plural nouns
24. Superlatives
25. Wars--but World War One, World War Two
26. Buildings
27. Libraries
28. Bridges, tunnels and towers
39. Names of newspapers
30. Musical instruments
31. Names of languages followed by the word language
32. Points of time and place (beginning, middle and end), parts of the day preceded by the prepositions in and on and seasons
33. Names of political parties followed by the word party and the plural form of the name of the party
34. Branches of government
35. Regions of the world (the Baltics, the Balkans, the Far
East, the Middle East)
36. The plural of family names to mean members of that family
37. Awards and prizes
38. Ships and trains
39. Zones and poles
40. Universities, colleges, and institutes followed by of.
41. Inventions
42. Empires, dynasties and periods in history (the Dark Ages)