Hello John. What are you doing here?

Hi Peter. I've come to see Mr. Brilliant.

Mr. Brilliant. The famous theater agent?

The same.

Then you've finally perfected your act.

Yep. After two years of hard work, at last I have done it! I've finally succeeded in training an ant!

So, you've trained an ant? Amazing!

I have worked sixteen hours a day on this act. Little Andy is sensational.

Yes. It's worth all that hard work to produce an act like that my friend. Just think, you're the first man in history who has trained an ant.

I'm sure Little Andy will soon be known throughout the whole world.

You're a lucky man. You'll be famous. You'll be rich.

Excuse me Mr. Miller. You can go into Mr. Brilliant’s office now.

Thank you.

Oh miss. Mr. Brilliant isn't at his desk,

He's in the other office. He'll be back right away.

Look Peter. This is perfect. I'll get Little Andy's act ready while Mr. Brilliant is out of the room.

Good idea. He'll be surprised when he sits down at his desk and sees your ant doing his act.

Okay. Little Andy is ready to begin. First he'll stand up on his front feet on top of this little ball.

Amazing. Can he really do that?

Sure. And that's not all. He waves a flag with his hind feet at the same time.

Incredible. But, I can't see what he's doing.

Oh, I almost forgot the magnifying glass. With the magnifying glass you can see the whole thing and really enjoy his act.

Okay. Where's the glass?

Let's see. It was here in the suitcase.

Good afternoon gentlemen. What can I do for you?

Good afternoon Mr. Brilliant. I'm John Miller. I'm here to show you the most amazing act in the world.

Marvelous. Show me what you have.

Alright. Take this magnifying glass.

Oh ahh. There's an ant on my desk. I'll get him.

Ohh noooo.

There I got it. Now my friend, let's see this amazing act.