Hello Charles.

How goes it Henry?

Fine, thanks. But what's the matter with you?

Oh nothing. I was thinking about what happened to me at Peter's party.

Oh? What happened?

I met the most beautiful girl in the world.

Really? What's her name?

Her name? Her name? I wish I knew.

You mean to tell me that you don't even know her name. How can that be?

Well, I'm still not sure how it happened. You know how shy I am with girls. I guess I got flustered when I was with her.

Yes, I know you're shy when you're with girls.

Well I finally managed to get up enough nerve to ask her to dance. But I couldn't say a word to her. Nothing came to me.

Man, I would've thought of something to talk about.

When the music stopped I was able to say a few words to her.

But you didn't ask her her name?

I tried to. Listen to what we said to each other and maybe you can understand why I didn't get her name.

Thank you very much for the dance.

You’re welcome. I enjoyed it very much. But now I must go.

Oh ah miss? Can I call you tomorrow?

Of course, if you want to.

Will you give me your phone number?

You can find it in the telephone directory.

Of course. How stupid I am.

Now I must go.

But ah umm, I don't know your name.

You can find my name in the telephone directory too. Goodbye.