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Lightening, which often sever thunderstorms, has long people everywhere. Primitive was no more in awe of mysterious forces of the sky than man, and many of his beliefs lightening have been preserved for us folktales and mythology. For , the Greeks and Romans lightening as the weapon the gods Zeus Jupiter, while the early Christians regarded simply as a symbol of the power of God, Jehovah.

Superstitions lightening still exist in modern times. There people who think that wood from that have been struck by lightening magical powers and can be used cure various illnesses. Other people believe fires started by lightening can only put out by milk.

Although these about lightening are not true, they are, , harmless. Some other superstitions, however, are . For example, people believe that women babies cannot be struck or killed by lightening. This is not ! Anyone can be struck and killed by lightening, it is important to be careful you are outside and get caught a thunderstorm. If possible, you should a house or large building. If you cannot; , you should get inside a car. You should never shelter in a small structure or stand an isolated tree in an open area. Above all, stay of and away water.