Gap-fill exercise

There are 10 sentences that use phrasal verbs. Next to each sentence is another sentence with a blank space (gap). Fill the space with the correct word so that the two sentences have the same meaning. When you are finished, click the 'Check' button to see your results.

If you are unsure, use the 'Hint' button.
   begin      enter      escape      follows      passed      repay      return      shouted      take      visit   
Let's start off by reading chapter 1 = Let's by reading chapter 1.
I don't want to go back to work = I don't want to to work.
Is it okay if I call on you next week? = Is it okay if I you next week?
Please, get in the car. = Please, the car.
Dessert usually comes after the main course. = Dessert usually the main course.
I want to try out that new car. = I want to that new car for a drive.
The prisoner tried to get away last night. = The prisioner tried to last night.
The boy called out for his mother. = The boy for his mother.
You have to pay back the money by next week. = You have to the money by next week.
Other cars went by me at a very high speed. = Other cars at a very high speed.