Gap-fill exercise

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   and      apples      blend      bowl      cream      cubes      cups      evenly      fridge      glasses      how      ingredients      section      sections      slice      slices      spoon      treat   
Hi my name is Raymond I want to tell you to make my favorite summer . It's called Florida Sunshine Fruit Cocktail. To begin you need two , two oranges, one pineapple, two bananas, some grapes, and two fresh whipped .

Now that you have all the , begin by cutting the apples into small . Then peel and the bananas. After that peel and the oranges. Now take the apple , banana , and orange and put them in a big bowl and add the ( 14.) whipped cream.

Next, all the ingredients together until the cream coats all the fruit. Then put the bowl in the and let it chill for about two hours. Then take the out of the fridge and the mixture into cocktail . Top with a grape and garnish with a slice of fresh pineapple.