Don't let your accent
keep you from your

If you really want to improve your English abilities, begin by improving your reading comprehension. By improving your reading comprehension, you will also improve your writing and speaking abilities. It is a proven fact that people who read a lot write better, have a more developed vocabulary and speak with greater fluency than people who don't read much.

One of the questions most often asked by students learning English as a second language is, What's the best way to learn English? The answer to that question is simple. Read, read, read. Of course, the material you read must be written in English. Another tip that will improve your reading comprehension and overall language skills is to read aloud. While you are reading aloud, record your voice with a tape recorder. Then, listen to your recording while rereading the passage you just read and recorded. By recording and listening to your voice, you will soon get used to hearing yourself speak English. When you are used to hearing yourself speak English, English will become more natural to you. This will make it easier for you to speak English. For more advice on improving your English, read the selection in the left menu entitled Reading Strategies

There are several reading selections for you to choose from listed in the menu to the left. Some of the selections have quizzes, so you can test your understanding. I hope to have quizzes for all the selections soon, so check back from time to time to see what's new.