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Brian and Victor were ice skating on a frozen lake deep within the forest one night when they suddenly smelled something terrible.

"It smells like a fish that died a week ago," said Brian.

"It smells worse than a garbage dump," said Victor.

The boys followed their noses to a cave in the forest and found a seven foot tall monster with very big eyes. Terrified, they ran home without saying a word to the monster. The monster started after the boys, but soon became tired because it had not eaten in many weeks. The monster slowly crawled back to its cave.

Later that night, Brian and Victor took their friends Judy and Samantha to the cave in the forest. The girls did not believe the boys' crazy story and were not the least bit scared. When they reached the cave, the girls turned on their flashlights and walked right into the cave. As they entered the cave, the strong smell hit them. When they had gone a short distance into the cave, they saw a large dragon lying on its stomach.

By this time, the dragon was very weak from not eating. He tried to lift himself but fell feebly back on his stomach. Unable to move, he sighed and began to cry. Judy and Samantha crept slowly toward the dragon. When they got close enough, they could see the dragon was crying. Judy asked, "Why are you crying, dragon?"

In a voice that was just a little louder than a whisper, the dragon said, "I was once the mightiest creature on earth. I had a pile of gold and all the food I could eat. Now, I am just a legend. I have lost all my gold and have no food. I haven't eaten in many weeks, and now I am going to die."

The girls felt pity for the great dragon and told him they would help him if he promised to never frighten anyone ever again. The dragon gladly promised to never frighten anyone ever again, so the girls went to the supermarket and bought chicken and hot dogs for the dragon. Then they hurried back to the smelly cave and fed the dragon. From that day on, all four children were best friends with the dragon, whom they named Julius.

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