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If you are like most people you have had times when you were hanging out with your friends and had nothing to do. Perhaps there have even been days when you were stuck at home with your family and you were bored and looking for something fun and interesting to do. Well, the next time you are with a group of people and looking for something fun and interesting to do try this word game. It's called password prize. It's fun, easy and can be played with two or more people. Okay, here's what you need to get started.

  1. one set of 3 X 5 index cards
  2. a hat
  3. a pen or pencil
  4. one sheet of paper

How to Play

First, divide into two teams, Team A and Team B. Each team then writes down on an index card what it wants if it wins the game. (The teams should keep their prize cards a secret.) A prize might be Get a foot massage from the losers, Watch the losers feed each other ice cream while blindfolded, or anything else you can think of. Be careful, though, these password prizes are put in a hat and mixed up, so if you lose, you may end up with your own prize!

Next, Team A and Team B each write down five words-two nouns, two verbs, and one adjective on separate index cards. (One word on each card.) Then the players in Team A will put their cards face down in front of Team B, and vice versa.

To begin the game, one player on Team A takes a card from the deck in front of his or her team. Then the player who drew the card must give one-word hints to his or her teammates who must guess the word written on the card. Here's the catch: Only noun hints may be given for nouns, verb hints for verbs, and adjective hints for adjectives, and you can't use any form of the word in your hints! For example, let's say the word on the card is "run," a verb. The hints must be other verbs that mean the same thing as run. Some hints might be "sprint," "dash," or "hustle."

For every hint a player gives, the teammates have to take one guess at the answer. Each wrong guess adds one point to the team's score. The maximum number of clues that can be given on any word is five. After a correct guess or five clues, write down the points.

Here's how to determine the score:

Now a member from Team B takes a card and tries to get the players in Team B to guess the word. After each team goes through five words, add up the score. In this game, the team with the least number of points wins! Don't forget to let the winning team pick the password prize from the hat.

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