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Language Skills

Welcome to John's ESL Community. If this is your first time to visit, I hope you find the activities on this site both helpful and entertaining. If you have visited John's ESL Community before, welcome back.

Vocabulary: The goal of communication is to express our thoughts, ideas and feelings clearly. When you speak English, you want to be understood by those to whom you are speaking. A good vocabulary will help you achieve this goal.

Reading: If you really want to improve your English abilities, begin by improving your reading comprehension. By improving your reading comprehension, you will also improve your writing and speaking abilities. It is a proven fact that people who read a lot write better, have a more developed vocabulary and speak with greater fluency than people who don't read much.

Writing: Of the four skills in language learning, writing is probably the most difficult. Good writing, in any language, is the product of hard work. If you are learning to write in a foreign language, you will have even more difficulties to overcome than in your native language. However, it is not impossible to overcome these difficulties, and it is the aim of John's ESL Community to help you overcome them and become a better writer. As you study the various lessons provided in the menu to the right, keep the following points in mind.

Listening: Listening comprehension is essential to your success in learning English. Many students want to concentrate on speaking exercises because they they have the false believe that communicate is accomplished through speaking. However; if you don't understand what the person you are talking is saying, their is no communication. Learn to become a good listener with the help of our listening activities.
Grammar: What is grammar? Why should you study English grammar? Grammar is the fundamental building block of a language. As a student of English as a second or foreign language, it is important for you to have a thorough understanding of the English grammar system.
Quizzes: John's ESL Community has over 250 self-study quizzes designed to help you test, and improve, your understanding of English. All of our quizzes use javascript, so your browser must support javascript to use the quizzes on this site. If you are using an old version of MSIE or Netscape, please download a new version before continuing.

Idioms: Idioms play an important part in every language, and English is no exception. To become truly proficient in English you must understand the idioms that native speakers use. Not only must you learn them, but you must learn when it it appropriate to use then and when it is not appropriate. John's ESL Idioms not only gives you the meaning of each idiom, but examples of usage that have been designed to help you understand both meaning and usage.





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