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Welcome to John's ESL Community

Like you, I am also a teacher, so I know that teachers are busy people, so I have created serveral services designed to make your job easier. You can create your own scramle word sentence exercises, download and print grammar worksheets, word list and much more. Use the menu at the right to get started.

Christmas is just around the corner. John's ESL Community Holidays has many activities for both teachers and students. So, drop in and take a look around.

People from all over the world remember the magic and wonder that L.Frank Baum created in his classic the Wizard of Oz. Many people, though, do not know that Baum wrote many sequels and other children's stories. I have found one of those sequels; Little Wizard Stories of Oz and have added its 6 chapters to the listening section of John's ESL Community. Each chapter includes both the text and a sound file.

I am in the process of redesigning my entire site, but it is a big job. So, you may see some differences in design layout from one page to another. I apologise if this causes any confusion. I hope to have the entire site redesigned within a few weeks, but no promises on that, okay? You can help me by letting me know what you think about the design and layout. Drop me a line and let me know how I'm doing.


      John Erskin


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