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The Teacher chooses a topic and a letter of the alphabet. Each team has to write down words related to the topic that begin with the chosen letter.

Example | Topic: Things we can drink. | Letter: S

1. soup
2. soda
3. ...

Level Up: In small groups, have students compile lists of things and/or people with a common theme. Some examples are: what people wear, hear, eat, read, play; what things open, close; descriptions of parents, teachers, sibblings; which t.v. shows/movies they like or dislike. Students then must compose a sentence or ask a question using their list. The team with the most correct sentences wins.

To copy this activity place your cursor in the textarea below and click your right mouse button. then choose [Slect All] from the drop down menu. Copy the text to your clipboard and then paste it into your favorite word processor.


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