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Have you ever been asked what someone is "like"? If so, you were being asked to describe someone's personality or character. A lot of students of English, when asked to describe another person's personality, know only a few words. Many students resort to sentences like, He's kind. Or She's a nice person. The following vocabulary list will help you be more precise when answering the question "What's he/she like?"

When we talk about character, we are talking about a person's moral and ethical values. Words used to talk about character and personality are adjectives and are import words to know, so when someone ask you what someone else is like, you'll be able to answer with clarity and preciseness. Also, be sure to check out the the parts of speech where you will find many more adjectives that you can use to describe things in your life. To hear the pronunciation, use this link.

[List of Words to Describe Character]

Words to Describe Character

ambitious: Possessing a desire to be successful.

cooperative: Able to work well with others together for a common purpose.

cheerful: Good humored, bright and pleasant.

respectful: Feeling or showing honor for the feelings and rights of others.

self-respect: To demonstrate a positive opinion of oneself.

courageous: without fear

committed: Bound to a course of action.

loyal: Faithful to a person, team, or country.

determined: Staying firm, steadfastness.

trustworthy: Responsible, dependable, reliable, faithful, and loyal.

tolerant: Respecting the individual differences, beliefs, and views of others.

empathic: The ability to sense and understand what another person is feeling.

kind: Friendly, considerate, and willing to help others.

thankful: A feeling of appreciation for something given or done.

generous: Willing to give and share, unselfish.

diligent: Hard working in a careful, steady manner.

creative: Not bound by the norm.

self-motivated: The ability to begin tasks and to finish tasks without someone asking you to.

patriotic: Respectful and devoted to one's country.

punctual: On time, prompt

perseverance: To continue working in spite of difficulties and obstacles

reliable: Honoring commitments

courteous: Well-mannered and polite towards others.

honest: truthful and fair

fair: To be honest and just.

patient: Able to wait calmly without complaining.

clean: Free from dirt, neat and tidy

self-controlled: Having control over one's actions and feelings.

compassionate: Showing sympathetic feelings, showing pity or mercy.

independent: Being self-reliant, not dependent on others.

wise: Having accumulated learning, good sense and judgement.

lifelong learner: One who keeps an open mind to new information.

virtuous: Having moral excellence, conforming to a standard of right.

dependable: Worthy of trust.

flexible: Able to change.

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