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Collective nouns are a class of nouns that refer to groups of thing, people, and animals. Some collective nouns can be plural or singular, such as team. (Only one soccer team showed up for the game. The two teams battled it out ‘til the end.) Other collective nouns have only singular forms, such as management.(The management announced that there would be layoffs due to poor sales this quarter.)

Here are some common collective nouns. This list is not exhaustive, but represents only some of the most common collective nouns.

[List of Collective Nouns]

Collective Nouns

Used with food

A bunch of grapes
A bowl of cereal
A rack of ribs
A mess of grits
A clutch of eggs
A batch of bread
A slice of cheese
A sheaf of corn
A bushel of wheat
A bag of flour
Used with animals

A troop of monkeys
A gaggle of geese
A flock of birds
A swarm of bees
A school of fish
A murder of crows
A pod of dolphins
A covey of quail
A pack or dogs
A herd of cattle
A litter of puppies
An aerie of eagles
A band of gorillas
A nest of snakes
Used with objects

A bunch of keys
A ream of paper
A deck of cards
A packet of cigarettes
An outfit of clothes
A roll of cloth
A gallery of photos
A wad of money(paper)
A roll of coins
A bale of cotton
A cloud of dust
A chain of events
A flight of steps
A mass of hair

Used with people

faculty – teachers

students – class

large group of people—crowd

people watching a movie – audience

people watching a sporting match-crowd

people who riot-mob

soldiers – army

people who work on a ship or plane-crew

sports players – team

people who run a company – management

people who work at a company – staff

people who attend church together – congregation

crooks - gang