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As a student of English, it is important that you know how to talk about your family. The sentences below will help you. All the family words are underlined. If you like puzzles, you may want to try a Family Names WordSearch Puzzle. You can also Print This List

The man a woman marries is her husband.

The man your mother married is your father.

A female is her mother's and father's daughter.

Your mother's or father's mother is your grandmother.

Your mother's or father's grandfather is your great grandfather.

Your wife's mother is your mother-in-law.

Your son's wife is your daughter-in-law.

A male is his mother's and father's son.

The woman your father married is your mother.

Your mother's or father's grandmother is your great grandmother.

Your mother's or father's father is your grandfather.

Your father's or mother's sister is your aunt.

Your sister's or brother's daughter is your niece.

Your father's or mother's brother is your uncle.

The woman a man marries is his wife.

Your daughter's husband is your son-in-law.

Your aunt's and uncle's son or daughter is your cousin.

Your wife's father is your father-in-law.

Your brother's or sister's son is your nephew.

All the people who are connected to you through marriage or by birth are your relatives.

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