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Homographs are words that are spelled the same, and in most instances, sound the same, but which have different meanings. Below is a list of common homographs. For a complete list of homographs, you should consult a reference book such as Homophones and Homographs : An American Dictionary

[Word List of Common Homographs]

Common Homographs

arms (weapons)

arms (part of body)

ball (sphere)

ball (dance)

band (music makers)

band (strap)

bass (low musical sound)

bass (fish) *

bear (animal)

bear (carry)

bluff (steep embankment)

bluff (fool)

boil (bubble)

boil (skin sore)

bow (bend)

bow (part of ship)

bow (weapon) *

box (container)

box (hit) box (shrub)

brush (tool)

brush (undergrowth)

can (container)

can (able)

case (container)

case (condition)

colon (part of body)

colon (punctuation mark)

count (royalty)

count (number)

date (fruit); date (on calendar)

date (companion)

down (feathers)

down (direction) down (grassland)

duck (bird)

duck (avoid) duck (cloth)

fan (admirer)

fan (cooling device)

fast (quick)

fast (starve)

fine (good quality)

fine (payment for wrongdoing)

firm (hard)

firm (company)

fly (insect)

fly (move through air) fly (flap of cloth covering pant zipper)

fresh (new)

fresh (bold)

gum (chewing treat)

gum (mouth part)

hold (grasp)

hold (part of ship)

jam (preserved fruit)

jam (squeeze) jam (impromptu music)

lap (part of body)

lap (course) lap (drink)

lean (slant)

lean (thin)

left (direction)

left (went)

lie (untruth)

lie (recline)

loaf (lounge)

loaf (bread)

lumber (wood)

lumber (walk slowly)

mole (skin spot)

mole (animal)

page (call)

page (of paper) page (youth)

pen (for writing)

pen (enclosure)

pitcher (container)

pitcher (in baseball)

pop (sound)

pop (popular)

pop (father)

pop (soda)

pound (weight)

pound (kennel) pound (hit)

prune (fruit)

prune (cut)

pupil (part of eye)

pupil (student)

racket (for tennis)

racket (scheme) racket (noise)

ring (circle)

ring (sound of bell)

row (in a line)

row (with oars) row (fight)*

sock (hit)

sock (stocking)

tap (hit lightly)

tap (faucet)

swallow (bird)

swallow (gulp)

well (good)

well (for water)

nail (body part)

nail (hit with a hammer) *Note that these homographs are pronounced differently.

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