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Have you ever been asked, "What do you do?" The question means, what is your job? Whether you are a student or a saleman, we all have a job that we do to everyday. Therefore it is important that you are able to talk about your job. It is also important for you to be able to ask about someone's job and understand what they mean when they answer.

In order to help you be able to talk about jobs and careers, I have complied a list of someonecommon job names along with a short description of each job. Do you know of a job that isn't on this list but should be? Contact me and let me know.

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[Jobs Vocabulary List]

Jobs and Their Descriptions

accountant : a person who maintains financial records.

actor : a person who acts in a play or movie.

architect : a person who designs buildings.

author : a person who writes books, plays, and other literary works.

baker : a person who bakes bread, cakes, etc.

bartender : a person who makes and serves alcoholic beverages either at a pub, night club, or bar.

butcher : a person who prepares meat to be sold to customers.

caretaker : a person who takes care of graveyards.

cashier : a person who collects payment for merchandise.

chef : a person who prepares food; distinguished from a cook by a degree in culinary arts

civil servant : a person who is employed as a government worker in one of several offices that provide services for the community.

clerk : a person who does general office work.

computer operator / programmer : a person who writes software programs that are used on computers.

cook : a person who cooks food in a restaurant.

construction worker : a person who builds buildings.

decorator : a person who decorates houses, offices, ect, for special events.

dentist : a person who treats diseases of the teeth, gums and mouth

doctor : a person who teats diseases of the body.

driver bus / taxi / truck : a person who earns money driving.

garbage man (refuse collector) : the person who picks up and gets rid of your trash.

economist : a person who studies, works, in the field of economics.

editor : a person who finds and corrects mistakes in other's writings.

electrician : a person who works installing and repairing electric equipment.

farmer : a person who operates a farm.

fisherman : a person who catches fish.

film director : the person who tells actors what to do on the movie set.

flight attendant : a person who serves food and takes care of passengers on an airline.

hairdresser : a person who cuts and styles hair.

jeweler : a person who makes jewelry.

journalist : a person who gathers and delivers news. Also known as a reporter.

judge : a person who hears and determines cause in a court of law.

lawyer : a person who practices law.

miner : a person who works digging minerals (coal, gold, etc.) out of the ground.

musician : a person who plays a musical instrument.

nurse : a person who takes care of patients.

optician : a doctor who specializes in the treatment of the eyes.

painter : a person who paints houses, apartments or other structures.

pharmacist : a person who prepares and dispenses medical drugs.

photographer : a person who takes pictures, usually for money.

pilot : a person who flies an airplane.

plumber : a person who installs and repairs water fixtures.

police officer : a person who enforces the law and arrests criminals

porter : a person hired to carry baggage

prison guard : a person who keeps order at a jail or prison.

receptionist : a person who greets visitors at an office.

sailor : a person who works on a ship or ocean going vessel.

server : a person who serves food in a restaurant. Has replaced the terms waiter and waitress in most places in the United States.

salesperson : a person who sells merchandise or services; usually paid by commission.

scientist : a person who is specialized in science especially one of the natural sciences.

secretary : a person who handles correspondence and does clerical work.

soldier : a person who serves in the armed forces.

surgeon : a doctor who specializes in treatment of diseases by performing operations on the body.

tailor : a person who makes or mends or alters clothing.

teacher : a person who helps students learn various subjects.

telephone operator : a person who helps people make phone calls.

travel agent : a person who arranges travel plans for clients.

TV cameraman : a person who operates the recording camera for a television program. usually shortened to vet. An animal doctor. a person who treats animal illnesses.

veterinarian : a person who serves food in a restaurant (male-waiter, female-waitress)

writer : a person who writes professionally. the top person in

warden : a prison facility.

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