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The following list of phrasal verbs is not exhaustive, however, it does represent some of the most commonly used phrasal verbs in the English language. Since many phrasal verbs have more than one definition, it is recommended that you consult a quality phrasal verb dictionary for additional information.

[Phrasal Verbs A through H][Phrasal Verbs I through Z]

A through H

ask out ask someone to go on a date
believe in to have trust or confidence innon-separable
break down to make into smaller pieces
break down to stop working properlynon-separable
break in to interrupt someone who is speakingnon-separable
bring up to raise
call back return a telephone call
call off cancel
call on ask to speak in class
call up make a telephone call
cross out draw a line through
do over do again
drop in (on) visit without calling first or without an invitation non-separable
drop out (of) stop attending school non-separable
figure out find the solution to a problem
fill in complete a sentence by writing in a blank
fill out write information in a form (e.g., an application form)
fill up fill completely with gas, water coffee, etc.
find out discover information
fool around (with) have fun while wasting time non-separable
get along (with) have a good relationship with non-separable
get back (from) return from a trip non-separable
get in enter a car a taxi non-separable
get off leave a bus, an airplane, a train, a subway, a bicycle non-separable
get on enter a bus, an airplane, a train, a subway, a bicycle non-separable
get out (of) leave a car a taxi non-separable
get over recover from an illness non-separable
get through (with) finish non-separable
give back return something to someone
give up quit doing something or quit trying
grow up become an adult non-separable
hand in give homework, test papers, etc., to a teacher
hand out give something to this person, then that person, then another person, etc.
hang up (1) hang on a hanger or a hook; (2) end a telephone call

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I through Z

keep on continue non-separable
keep up to maintain the same rate or pace non-separable
keep up to keep awake, not let sleep
leave out omit
look out (for) be careful non-separable
look up look for information in a reference book
make up invent
pay back return money to someone
pick up lift
put away put something in its usual or proper place
put back return something to its original place
put down stop holding or carrying
put off postpone
run intomeet by chance non-separable
run out (of) finish the supply of something non-separable
stand outto be noticeable, clearly seen non-separable
start over start again
shut off top a machine or light, turn off
take off remove clothes from one's body
tare down destroy a building
tear off detach, tear along a dotted or perforated line
tear out (of) remove a piece of paper from a book or notebook
tear up tear into small pieces
throw away/out put in the trash, discard
try on put on clothing to see if it fits
turn down decrease the volume
turn off stop a machine or a light, shut off
turn on start a machine or a light
turn up increase the volume
wake up stop sleeping
watch out (for) be careful non-separable
write down write a note on a piece of paper

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