Restaurant Vocabulary

The vocabulary words in this list will help you order food in a restaurant. Practice the words on this list by using these restaurant dialogs. [Restaurant 1] [Restaurant 2] Use this link to hear the pronunciation, or to learn the definition, of any of the words on this listed.

[Restaurant Vocabulary List]

Restaurant Vocabulary

Good evening A formal greeting generally used after 6pm.

recommend To give advice that will help a person make a choice

appetizerThat part of the meal that is served before the salad or the main course.

escargotAn appetizer of snails which have been baked inside a pastry.

tendereasily chewed and digested

marinateto let food soak in a substance for a certain amount of time so the food will absorb some of the flavor of that substance.

overnightfor or during the entire night

half an orderA partial amount of a whole order. If an order of Escargot is 6 snails, half an order would be 3.

entrethe main course of a meal

wonderfulexcellent or great, better than just good

moodA person's emotional state or feeling.

soup de joursoup of the day, the type of soup being served on a particular day

bakedcooked in an oven

filet mignona type of beef steak, generally considered one of the best steaks served in American restaurants

charbroiledcooked on open flames

prepareto make, to cook

mediumSteaks are prepared according to temperature. A steak that is medium rare is not cooked all the way through. The center is still red and cooler than the outside of the steak.

dressinga type of sauce put on salads for flavoring

dinnerevening meal, generally eaten around 6:30pm

serverwaiter or waitress

Margaritaan alcoholic beverage made with tequila and sweet and sour mix

on the rocksserved over ice

combo platea plate of several types of food

start off withto have before the meal, to begin with

appetizerthat part of the meal that is served before the salad or the main course.

substituteto have something in stead of what is offered

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